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New Installations

a brick structure with a water fountain in the middle of it

As mentioned previously, new installations begin by adequately obtaining safe building permits from the local authorities and assessing the land available to ensure that it is suitable for a new installation. Once this has been confirmed, we will then begin by leveling out the land and preparing it for the new installation. This could also mean that we may need to carve out space for the new water well so that it can be embedded into the ground.


Preparing the land for a new installation takes time and attention to detail. This is because, if the land is not adequately prepared, then the water well will not have long-term durability if the land itself is not durable. We take all precautionary measures to ensure that the land can accommodate a new installation. We then begin by digging and carving out the exact size for the tank that is needed so that it can later be installed with ease. The tank is then connected to your surrounding plumbing pipes.


Along with guiding the new installations, we will also provide ongoing guidance for safety and security measures to ensure that your water well is installed with precision and care. The guidance provided is delivered by our certified water well contractors who have many years of experience in the industry and have continually installed new installations time and time again. We will also provide you guidance on how to maintain your water well when we are not around so that you know what to look out for if there are any damages to your water well in the future.

Professional Assistance

All of our water well services are provided with an unbeatable standard of professional assistance that you can rely on for many years to come. We have continually been rated the areas number one for water well services and solutions and are proud to offer our services to you as well. We welcome new and returning clients with a friendly smile and are eager to help you get started on your next water well project, especially if it is a new installation!

Quality Assurance

Once your new installation has been adequately installed, we will follow up with quality assurance measures to ensure that the tank itself is secure in the ground and the water well has been erected safely and efficiently. Along with our quality assurance techniques and methods, we can also provide water well inspections for your existing water well so that you can further understand the condition and quality for which it is currently in. Our quality assurance measures enable you to have a better understanding of your water well system so that you can act accordingly when there are future or potential damages that you need to look out for. We back all of our services with a guarantee of satisfaction so that you can always know you are receiving the highest standard of quality service available in the area.

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