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Flow Test Service

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A flow test service Is a specialized service that is aimed at providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the rate in which your water is traveling and the water pressure that has been delivered through different connections and systems throughout your home. For example, the water pressure that is delivered to some of your household appliances may be different than the water pressure that you manage through your kitchen sink. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the difference between the two and ensure that you can fully manage the water pressure in every capacity so that you are not stuck wasting water and energy without knowing about it.

How to Test Water Flow

Using our professional tools and resources, we can test the flow rate of your water and how it is distributed when connected to certain outlets. For example, you may require less water pressure when taking a shower then a fire hydrant would when dispensing water for an emergency. However, water can be taken in both instances from the same source so it is important that a flow test is applied to better understand how the water is being distributed and whether or not it is being allocated at the right pressure.

When to Test

It is important to test the flow rate of your water system on a regular basis to ensure that it is always working to the best of its ability. If you have a new installation, it is crucial that a flow service is provided after installation so that any faults or malfunctions can be addressed early on before you start using your new system. We then recommend having a flu test service provided every few years or whenever you notice that your water pressure is decreasing without any apparent reason.


All of our water well services are intended to provide you with an unbeatable level of comfort and safety that you cannot find elsewhere. With that said, our flow test services are intended to provide the same standard of safety and comfort so that you can rest easy knowing that your water pressure is being distributed accordingly and where you need it most. This also helps you understand what areas of your home require more water pressure so that you are not wasting resources and energy without knowing where they are being distributed to.

Quality Feedback

Along with our flow test service, we are also able to provide quality feedback on the results of your flow test and what areas need maintenance or further assessment so that your water pressure can be distributed accordingly. Our quality feedback enables you to find the discrepancies and ensure that you are not wasting time and money on water that is not being distributed where it needs to be. After the floater service, one of our professional technicians will provide you with written quality feedback that is easy to understand and that you have for future reference.

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